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My account was created in the wrong country!


My account was created in the wrong country!

Hello, I haven't been able to withdrawal the money in my PayPal account because I set the wrong phone number. It had a 60 prefix so the account was created in Malaysia but all of my other information is from America (California to be specific) because that's where I'm from! I just want to withdrawal my remaining funds and close out my account but it won't let me link any US information. I called customer service in both countries and Malaysia told me to wait 6 months! I can't seem to get this issue resolved. Please help!!!
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Re: My account was created in the wrong country!



Your options are...


Open a paypal account in the correct country using another email address that you own and then ''send'' the funds to the email address that identifies that U.S paypal account, you may not be able to use the friends/family option in Malaysia so you may end up with the new seller hold and a fee but its the risk you take to get the funds.


Alternatively you could try adding a U.S bank account to that Malaysian account (as it is allowed) then withdrawing the funds and then closing that account.

BUT you would have to remember to remove that bank account FROM that Malaysian account first or you won't be able to use it on your U.S account.


Lastly if you do close that Malaysian account down then that 'should' free up that email address which you can add to your U.S account (as you can have up to 8 email addresses on the 1 paypal account).  

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