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Ebay cannot see account as verified


Ebay cannot see account as verified

I have setup my paypal account, linked and confirmed my checking account but Customer service from Ebay has told me that it's showing my paypal account is not verified so I can't accept payment for anything I sell.  I have confirmed that my checking account has been Confirmed my paypal and I have successfully linked my paypal to my Ebay account.  Why is it not showing verified on their end?  When I'm in my account on Ebay and I click on "verify paypal account" it takes me to paypal where it says "account is linked and confirmed.  It is paypal verified" but from their end, it's not showing as verified.  What am I doing wrong here?

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Re: Ebay cannot see account as verified



Could be to do with this policy to be able to receive funds into your paypal balance?,-paypal-ca...

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