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Been scammed


Been scammed

Is pointless to talk to paypal, reciver have money on account for longer, moving to account takes 1week at least.

Always paypal can cancel and get money back but it never happend.  They can contact bank of receiver, they never do. 

What is funny, you cannot take them back if you scammed (doesnt matter is your fault to trust someone or is official scammer shop)

Just money flow is important. 

Sorry, but if I login few times a day and i have to confirm security code I think is safe. Never ever is safe.

And automatic answers on email, only mean how many complains they have.

And scammer accounts are still active.

Best option, eat this bitter pill and forget.


So  will use Paypal more carfully, and I will wait this scammer take more money from other people.

In new year , all the best Paypal,

Get rich, richer even !

More cashflow !

All is about it, isnt it ?


ps. ohhh, scam label is not available 🙂



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Re: Been scammed



Sorry didn't understand any of that !!

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Kudos / Solution appreciated.