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Are my Paypal and Bank Account names different?


Are my Paypal and Bank Account names different?

So my Paypal name appears as this in the settings tab "*First Given Name* *Second Given Name* *Middle Initial* *Last Name*" considering that in the Philippines we sometimes have two given names and our middle name is our mother's maiden last name. So let's say for example, Juan <remove>, R standing for Rizal. 


My problem is that on my ATM, it says my account name is "*First Given Name* *Second Given Name* *Middle Name* *Last Name*". So in relation to our previous example, it would be Juan <remove>.


Is this considered as me having different names on my Paypal and bank accounts? Or am I just confusing it? Or when I link my bank account to my Paypal, should I omit the middle name/initial in the field entry? Hoping for some help, thanks!