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can i give an employee access to the virtual terminal?

I dont' want them to use my Paypal account but I have an event I'm doing and I want an employee to enter orders in through the virtual terminal.


What can you suggest?

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Re: can i give an employee access to the virtual terminal?

Hello happyfrog,


Welcome to the Community Smiley Happy.


You can add another person to your Business account and control how much of your account they can access. Account privileges include things like editing your profile, viewing your account balance, and discussing your account with Customer Service.


For adding additional users for the first time: Log in to your PayPal account, Click "Profile," Click "My settings," Click "Get started" next to "Manage users, Click "Add Users," Enter your secondary user's name, then create a User ID and password, Select which account privileges you want the user to have, then click "Save," and Review the "Account administrator agreement" and click "Accept." 


(If Virtual Terminal is activated, you will see Virtual Terminal under the Integration section)


I hope this helps.


Smiley HappyMisty

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