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Subscription dropdown with quarterly frequency

Subscription dropdown with quarterly frequency

My club is moving to online payments with two subcription options, $150/3 months and $63/3 months. I've created a button for each ( but would like to offer them as two options in a dropdown so members can easily change between the two. Two problems:


The "Edit your PayPal payment button" dialog only offers frequency options of Weekly, Monthly, Yearly.


The charges happen whenever the member signs up instead of at the start of the quarter. I can try to get everyone to join around the start of the quarter but it'll be like herding cats.


Thank you for any advice you can offer.


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Re: Subscription dropdown with quarterly frequency

I too would like to see PayPal offering more choices in "Frequency" for dropdown menu with price and options. For example, in addition to daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, please add quarterly and semi-annually (every 6 months), etc. This shouldn't be difficult for PayPal to implement.