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Need to set a Start Date for a subscription - how to?

I am setting up a subscription button for a series of classes I teach - I'd like all the subscriptions for the class to start on a certain date (and run a certain number of months) - is there a way to do this?


I start advertizing the class several months before it begins, but I'd like to not bill the students until the class actually starts, then have the payment be on a fixed day of the month. The alternative is to charge the whole amount up front, but these days many folks are close to their credit (or debit) limits and want the monthly option.


Many thanks!

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Re: Need to set a Start Date for a subscription - how to?

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Website Payments Standard Subscriptions start on the day they're subscribed to. You cannot specify a fixed day for them to start on (unless you use a workaround; see my link later on in this post).


Recurring payments can have a specific start date. The entry recurring payments product is Express Checkout Recurring Payments.

Note however that Express Checkout does not work off the general 'button' concept and you'll need a seasoned developer to integrate it into your website.

See also my answer in which also describes this feature.


For technical assistance with PayPal merchant product offerings, please file a ticket at
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