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Need Help...BuyNow button...multiple items

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I am trying to create a button for an item that includes a tshirt.  What is best way to capture shirt size(s) after they change the quantity? For example, your purchase includes a ticket and a tshirt.  If you need 3 tickets, you get 3 tshirts.  How can I capture the 3 tshirt sizes after the customer updates quantity?  Is there another/better way to do this?  Thanks.

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Re: Need Help...BuyNow button...multiple items

Hello teamsadiegirl,


After thinking this through I came up with a solution but I am not sure if it is what you are looking for, so here it is.


You can create a button with sperarte options like this


option 1 - Small T-Shirt $10.00

option 2 - Medium T-Shirt $10.00

option 3 - Large T-Shirt $10.00

option 4 - XL T-Shirt $10.00

option 5 - Small T-Shirt w/ ticket $15.00

option 6 - Medium T-Shirt w/ ticket $15.00

option 7 - Large T-Shirt w/ ticket $15.00

option 8 - XL T-Shirt w/ticket $15.00


(or put whatever options you need)


Once the item is added to the cart they can change the quanitity, but only for the particular option they choose.


I hope this makes sense.




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