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Working Capital - Amounts


Working Capital - Amounts

A general question regarding Working Capital amounts. I had my first loan when it was first offered to me around 5 months ago. Sales then were around £10k per year and £1000 was offered. This was paid off in 2 months and the system said I was not eligible for 2+ months until now. Sales are now around £16k for the year and again I have only been offered £1000. What sales have you been processing and what amounts have been offered? Do paypal calculate your totals on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? Can anyone suggest how often offers change. Thanks

Re: Working Capital - Amounts

I had processed about $41k and got a $2.5k loan for my first loan. It seems kind of mysterious to me how it works. They say they offer up to 35% of annual sales but obviously I got nowhere near that. Now I am applying for second loan and keep getting 738 rejection. My sales are fairly consistent and I haven't had any returns so I have no idea what the problem is.