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I process over 9K a month in PP transactions and have successfully paid off (early) 2 past Working Capital loans. After researching past threads, it appears getting approved in 2020 is a complete guessing game. Has anyone successfully been approved r...

PayPal capital 2021 success

Hi guys I’m looking for people who have managed to get a PayPal capital loan in 2021 we have struggled to get a new loan from PPC despite paying off ours early and having 3 previous loans. I get the pay pal is not available for your business at prese...

Working Capital

Is this system dead or dying. I have had 8 of these more or less in a row paid all of them off fully within 90 days so history is good .But noticed the decline issue last few times, kept at it and a day later it goes through. But now it seems after a...

PWD62 by Contributor
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Capital loans

Has anyone had any luck being approved for a capital loan? This is the only thing keeping me attached to PayPal & not square. I pay all of them off early & always get approved & now it’s been close to a year since I’ve gotten a positive response.

What’s working capital like at the moment?

Last winter it took forever to get approved! I’ve almost paid off the most recent one, and would probably look at getting another. Are they still giving lots of denial codes, or has it settled down? And if I pay off the last remaining bit manually, d...

CLMM by Contributor
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