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Help with paypal case


Help with paypal case

Hi i would like your help as i had an open case with paypal for unauthorized transaction,i sold an item to ebay and after 2.5 months i receive an email with a chargeback from paypal. I have shipped the item on november after 3-4 days from the purchase with a partener of dhl and when it goes out of the country they are giving me the dhl tracking.i provide the tracking of dhl to paypal with the screnshots of delivery and signature confirmation though it was an item under 650 usd which is not necessary a signature confirmation. Paypal send me an email on 24 of january i respond immidiately And i try to contact them through the message center but no respond. They respond me almost a month after with the reason that i lost the case because they couldnt confirm the delivery.i think they are very well aware that dhl is keeping on their system the tracking number for 90 days.and those 90 days passed.according to their rules i am supposed to be covered by seller they do not respond to my case. So basically if someone for example opens a case for item not received after the 90th day is not protected because they cannot prove that has been delivered due to dhls timeframe of their tracking. Any help would be apreciated Is not fair.


Re: Help with paypal case

Im dealing with a similar case. Did this get resolved?