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Paypl Invoice and seller terms and conditions

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Hi i am selling a laptop on Facebook Marketplace. One of the interested buyer wants to make the payment using Paypal. I am using paypal from years but i am always at stress when i get paid using paypal due to paypal one way seller abuse policy (Buyer protection policy). Anyway, the laptop is out of warranty and buyer knows that. Its electronics so it can last forever or it can develop a fault at mere instance. 


If i send buyer an invoice with terms and conditions to 


1- Confirm any damage within 48 hours of receipt.

2- Confirm any fault within 48 hours of receipt.

3- Buyer has to pay return postage even of the laptop develop a fault within 48hours of receipt( as originally i am not offering postage service its buyer request i am honoring).

4- Buyer to not remove any security seals attached to and on the laptop.

5- Buyer will not open any sort of dispute (after lets say agreed 14 days including weekends).

The laptop is sold without warranty and buyer is buying a £4000 laptop for £1900 so they understand the risk that they are buying something far cheap and ready to take the risk. Can buyer still abuse me using Paypal Buyer protection?


Any help is much appreciated. 


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