Extra Security strict sign-in protocols

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I have a question is there a possibility to add an extra layer of security in a paypal account such as:

Locking the  user ip adress  to his account so in the event there is a new ip address/device that tries to login the user receives an alert for authentification   such as this one:

"As a security measure, we require additional confirmation before allowing access to your Paypal account."

So a code will be sent on the user phone + he will have to use an authenticator app to log in.

Initially this will provide a strong security combinig 2fA+ authenticator + paypal sms security code, those 3 security checks will have to be done in order to securely access the account.


Another security feature can we disable or lock our paypal balance in a vault for a set period of days for example 30/60/90 days and if we want to use it we need to pass all 3 security checks.


I do hope this is forwarded to paypal 



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