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PayPal is the most customer UNFRIENDLY Service.


PayPal is the most customer UNFRIENDLY Service.

PayPal has the worst customer service I have ever come across. Every time I have used their service I have hadproblems. The first time I sent $100 from a verified banking account to a friends account, they put a 5 day hold on it, for no reason, after hours of trying to work with them to release the money to my friend, or even back to me I gave up. Theresult of this was $600 in fees they caused us. WHat is the point of having something verified and on the account if itsstill exactly like writing a check. At least my friend would have had the check physically in his hand 4 days earlier thanthem.

This last time I was trying to purchase an item through a private individual, I was very careful in reading the buyer/sellerpolicies and making sure that if something went wrong or it was a scam, that PayPal would help me in getting a refund. I was sure to keep every email as well I have spent 3 weeks trying file a dispute with them and I keep getting theseemails saying that they are so sorry and they are willing to help, but there is one error please correct it and then theyhave me start all over again. So I finally call them today, and now they decide to tell me that although I may have readeverything so carefully online at home, I used mobile paypal to actually send the payment and which made the payment  be sent as PERSONAL not PURCHASE, and PERSONALS are not disputable AND that the only transactions that aredisputable when using the mobile app are ones done through mobile eBay.

But I am now taking another look at the mobile app. and no where on it does it say that the mobile app has differentpolicies than the online version nor does it say anything about mobile eBay. This company would rather keep crooksand thieves as customers than honest people like me. I am cutting my ties with PayPal FOREVER! When are we aspeople going to open our eyes and stop allowing these big corporations to walk all over us. And they all do (Bankscharging a $35 overdraft fee when you are barely being overdrawn by a dime.) Its outrageous.

PayPal could have easily helped me try to get the money back, reimbursed it, or just told me the first time I emailed theminstead of wasting my time by telling me they were already investigating it.

BTW If you happen to come across this guy Ranekk Thomas at DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH HIM, HE'S A THIEF!