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Cancel A Pending Order?


Cancel A Pending Order?

I bought a CD from an overseas site using PayPal.

I thought the payment went straight through like it does on US sites.

So days later I checked my balance on my debit card, and used the money.

Then I got an email saying the payment didn't go through.

So I went to the site and used my card again with money on it, bypassing PayPal.

I just checked my PayPal account and it says I still have a pending payment with the merchant.

How do I cancel it, so I don't get two CD's, and have PayPal take the money out?

Or will the merchant let PayPal know that the order is already taken care of.

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Re: Cancel A Pending Order?

The email you received from PayPal should indicate whether PayPal will retry sending the payment.

If the payment was an instant transfer bank account funded payment, PayPal will retry the payment after 3 days. If the second attempt also fails, PayPal will try your backup funding source. Login to your PayPal account and click on the payment's "Details" link to see the backup funding source.

If the backup funding source also fails, the payment will be canceled.

You need to contact the merchant... explain that you accidentally sent 2 payments and that you want only one item.


Re: Cancel A Pending Order?

I can't seem to find PayPal email stating it was rejected, if I even got one. I must have deleted it when it came.

The order was placed on 3-30-10. Both the merchant, and PayPal emails came in verifying it.


On 4-6-10 I got this email from the merchant


An error occured while processing the PayPal transaction for order 1640498.
PayPal reported the following problem: Transaction rejected, please contact the buyer.( Buyer cannot pay. ).
To procceed with this order use the link provided below to re-enter your payment details.

On 4-10-10

I went directly to the merchant and paid, using the same card which is tied to my payPal account, and it went through.


My PayPal account still has the status "Pending for this 3-30-10