Why can't I get someone from PayPal Management to call me about my accounts ?


I understand that there is a world wide pandemic in effect, and that customer service options are limited, but PayPal is a multi-national, multi-billion dollar corporation, so there is absolutely no excuse for the total lack of customer service I and many other members have suffered the past several months. The CEO and board of directors are all safe in their million dollar mansions, or on their Yachts collecting their multi-million dollar salaries and bonuses, while my business is dying because they have failed to process payments for my eBay store.  I find it impossible to believe that in the past 4+ months, not one person from PayPal was available to pick up a phone and call me to discuss my accounts??? Not one person was available to respond to emails, not one person was available to respond to repeated messages on my PayPal messenger, PayPal's  Facebook Page, PayPal's Twitter Page???   WHY ???   Other much smaller businesses have managed to offer customer service to their clients, even if they had to pay their customer service reps to work from home. PayPal makes a lot of money off the backs of people just like me, but we get ignored when we need something from PayPal ???   

Is there anyone out there who knows what happened to PayPal's employees ?  If every customer service call center has been closed, and every business office has been closed, who is running the day to day operations during this pandemic???  There has to be someone somewhere who is working even if they are working from home part time  so why is there a total lack of people to provide person to person customer service???    I am beyond worried about how I can pay rent, utilities, and put food on the table, and beyond angry at the total lack of respect or concern being shown a member in need. I am so very ready to close both of my accounts and demand my funds from my PayPal accounts balances be sent to me, but I am denied even that option. ( When I try to click on that option in my account settings, nothing happens. )   I would love to show up in Singapore for the next meeting of the PayPal board of directors and give them all a piece of my mind, .... sigh .... 

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