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Unable to find ONE competent person at PayPal to assist with a problem

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The PayPal employees who staff the "PayPal Assistant" messaging line are incompetent.

  • A different person replies each time, and usually hours later, so I cannot have a real conversation with them. 
  • They never read the prior messages in the chat or actually review the information about the case. 
  • They say they are going to do something and then they don't. 
  • They enter the PayPal boilerplate responses and think their job is done.

I have taken over the operations of a small US non-profit which has used PayPal for many years for payments and credit card processing.  The outgoing account owner turned over the account to me, and we supplied PayPal with all the requested information to make the change.  They accepted the change, and sent a message to me.  Unfortunately, PayPal made an error when they entered my name on the account.  Yet they cannot fix it and keep **bleep** things up.  Of course, whenever they **bleep** something up the account gets blocked. 

I am seriously considering deleting our PayPal account and finding another vendor to supply the simple services we require.  But first I need to get our money out of the account.

Therefore, I need to know:

  • Is there any other way to contact PayPal? 
  • How does one escalate a problem to a supervisor?
  • How does anyone who uses PayPal get a problem solved?

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