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Disputes Resolution Center

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Disputes Resolution Center

Do not uses this service unless there is no other option.Never buy from a Paypal Merchant.Never transfer money using a paypal no service.If there is any problem woth the transaction you will receive NO HELP for the dispute or resolution center.What they don't tell you is there is a time limit to your charge that is in dispute and they do not put the funds on hold.They do not contact the Merchant and they do not take back the money from the merchant.

If you contact your credit card company you will get an email stating the Paypal is no longer involved with the dispute and will not communicate with the credit company to assist them with the dispute.NEVER USE PAYPAL AGAIN!!!!

Save your time calling them,even if you get to speak to a foreign call center it is like talking to the phone robot.

I have lost $685 of Fraudulent charges.paypal has done NOTHING!


Re: Disputes Resolution Center

Got my money back immediately from vendor, Side Tree, but no record of the transaction shows in my account.  0 under Closed cases.  Done yesterday,04/21. Issues with my computer since transaction.  Vendor never communicated with me about my problem, no questions asked.  BE WARY of vendor SIDE TREE.


Re: Disputes Resolution Center

Hello FFODESSIP & Puzzled_3. Thanks for providing your feedback here in the PayPal Community. Reviewing and resolving disputes can sometimes be challenging, and the process may be confusing at times, but PayPal does everything possible to address all customers' concerns. I'm sorry there's been any frustration or confusion with the dispute and/or refund process.


@FFODESSIP - It sounds as though there was an issue with a purchase, and you apparently contacted your credit card issuer to submit a complaint. When a chargeback is submitted to a card issuer or bank, PayPal must follow their lead, and it's not possible to open a PayPal dispute on the same transaction.


I'm sorry for any confusion created by the wording of the message you received, but PayPal does work with card issuers and banks to resolve complaints. When a chargeback is received, any money sent to a merchant is put on hold pending the outcome of the chargeback.


The card issuer/bank makes the decision on who wins the chargeback and if a refund is issued. In that regard, PayPal asks that you continue to work with your card issuer and consult with them for updates on the situation since PayPal is unable to provide details about their decision making process.


@Puzzled_3 - If you do not see a transaction in your PayPal account, it's likely the payment was sent by going through the vendor's checkout as a guest. If you sent a payment, but did not log on to your PayPal account, it would be necessary to call PayPal's Customer Service to obtain more information on the transaction. If you disputed the payment, a case would not show up in your Resolution Center for the same reason.


I hope this information is helpful. Thanks for taking the time to post your messages here in the PayPal Community Forum.