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Refund Run-Around

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 I was given the return address where to send a damaged product on Thursday, June 4th by PayPal. Friday I went to the post office and sent the package back to China at a cost of around $19.00. I turned in the information to PaPal Monday morning.


On May 29th PayPal wrote to me the following directions:
"Once we’ve confirmed that Sxxxxx Cxxxxxx Enterprises Limited has received the item(s), we’ll issue the refund and close this case.
It may take up to 5 days for this refund to be reflected on your account. If you paid using a credit or debit card, the money will be refunded to your card. Depending on your card issuer, it can take up to 30 days for the refund to appear on your card statement, depending on your card issuer's timeframes.
This case will be automatically closed if you don't respond by June 8, 2020.
Thank you for working with us."


On Mon, Jun 8, 2020 11:16 am PayPal wrote me the following:
Hi Mr Jxxxxxxx,
We received the return shipping refund request you submitted (number xxxxxxx). We’ll carefully review it and respond by email within 5 business days.
Amount: 19.44 USD
Later that day, PayPal wrote me and said "the shipping costs would be paid back to me."
Late last night (STILL June 8th) PayPal sent me notice that MY REQUEST FOR REFUND FROM THE MANUFACTURER WAS DENIED BECAUSE I FAILED TO PROVIDE THE RETURN INFORMATION IN A TIMELY MANNER. I gave them an update on that shipping on June 8th. They approved repayment to me for the shipping on June 8th. BUT, they are denying me the return of the actual $38.94 because "YOU DIDN'T GET ME RESPONSE BACK IN A TIMELY MANNER"??
THIS IS ALL A BUNCH OF RUN-AROUND!!  I did EVERYTHING as PayPal instructed me to do. I will continue to follow up on this until resolved!!!!

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