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Is this something that everyone goes through? Unbelievable! Phone support does not exist and the site wants to always direct you to some kind of automated response. I simply sold an item and the buyer has received it and the money apparently was sent but I have no way to receive it. Do I need to request it from the PayPal site? 

Do I need to devote an hour or so to reading through the terms and conditions? How do folks who are not tech literate ever use this site? What's the refund all about? As a seller you are at their mercy. How do they exist without some kind of customer support?

As far as I'm concerned they have taken my money and I have no recourse. I even tried to email the resolution dept, but they didn't accept that email. 

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Why would you send an item before being paid?

Why haven't you received the money?

Did you ask them to pay via checkout on Ebay OR was it via your email address OR your link???

You have so many questions that i don't have time to wade through all of that but sure the time to ask any questions was before you put your item up for sale and requested a paypal payment.

Also you should have read up on paypals seller protection so you can see what coverage you have or have not got.

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