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Is Paypal_Olivia Working for Paypal?

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For someone who seems to live eight hours a day on this forum, posting Paypal policies in a cut and paste frenzy, why are you not presenting yourself as someone who is being paid by Paypal to herd people into Paypal's "version" of acceptable procedures.  I would submit this is consumer fraud if this is what Paypal has concocted to beat up their dissatisfied customers without directly taking responsibility.  Are you a fraud Paypal_Olivia?  Are you practicing low-grade evil by pretending you are something you really aren't?  ( obviously knowing that people are very vulnerable trying to get some justice from Paypal )?!

Isn't it ludicrous that someone spends their valuable time in this world parroting corporate policies on a forum and not get paid for it?  Really, is it that you are just wanting to help people--and, in the process, just happen to never say directly that Paypal has done something wrong.  How come you never say Paypal has done something wrong?  Why--because then you wouldn't get paid for it.   For every person you are claiming to help--you throw a dozen under the Paypal bus.  And that goes for your <removed> knerlowass, too.


Is Paypal_Olivia Working for Paypal?

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LOL!  I think the fact that she uses PayPal in her username is proof of employment. 

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