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Hi everyone from


Hi everyone from

Hi Paypal Community,


We are using Paypal for all our transactions on


So far so good!


We have some suggetions to make. As soon as we find the right topic we will post it there 🙂


Have a nice day!




Re: Hi everyone from

Welcome, ChicShopAU!


- Olivia

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Re: Hi everyone from

Hi PayPal_Olivia,


I guess you are working for Paypal. 🙂


Here are my suggestions, I've Posted similar in "about business section", you can delete it if you have to. just Couldnt find a topic for "suggestions".


My suggestion are;


1. Something like "Google Trusted Store" Feature! from Paypal.


2. We are using two images on our website about Paypal, one is "Secure Payment Online by Paypal" and other is "Paypal Verified Seller"




There no web pages we can link from Paypal to show customers that we are Verified(Login Required to view the one exciting) or describing how secure are the payments are from Paypal(Prefer nicely and simply explain why to use Paypal from paypal website for ONLY Buyers, found few pages Buys and Sellers side by side on the page)


If Paypal implement something like "Google Trusted Store" Feature! Hope it would help small businesses like us around Australia(and the world).