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RE:   #FRAUD#online store


Back on 1 week after Canada day, when I browsed my facebook, the above-noted website pop up with electronic. I ordered 5 pieces by 5 different transactions. The items never arrive. The website disappeared on the internet on 26th,27th, 28th. On July 29, the website said there is violation of services.  

Fraud signs#1- good deals is fake

The picture said the store was damaged by violent so that it is cheap. I found that later there is no physical store of Teclast company in the U.S.  The picture is fake. 89.99 i pad, 89.99 i9 laptop, $79.99 SamsungNote10, all these have a fancy reasons to justify the price. Some said the last 200, some said store damage in warehouse, some said only have 20 to relocate the store.

Fraud signs#2- email reply of cancellation is fake

I have cancelled all the orders within 3 days. I received an email confirmation (not from paypal) that the order status is CANCELLED. The website highlighted refunds without reason 7 days. I waited and waited. There is no refund at all. All my monies were sent to China instead. I was shocked that the monies via paypal was sent to a unknown source. The website said it is New York location.

Fraud signs#3 - tracking code to a fake and remote area

All shipment were shipped with a DHL tracking code. 10 days later, the shipment status showed "delivered". The seller sent to a remote area in Manotick, Ottawa. compared to my shipment address in Richmond, B.C.

Fraud signs# Paypal do not have appeal for dispute

Among these 5 transcations, 2 were sent to resolution center for unauthorized transactions. Paypal replied within the next day that the item is normal. Please pay attention that paypal DO NOT have appeal. Their resolution center simply tell you to contact the seller. This is not right because the seller have problems and will never reply my email which I sent to them. 

Fraud sign# 6 Paypal not reviewed

The resolution center gives you false hope. The due date was August 1 in which I was promised to provide a solution. Over 20 days now, the review simply showed August 7 and there is absolutely no communication notes available to show you what have been done in these over 20 days. The answer simply just wait.


Please be very careful and a word of cautious. 

Mark W



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