Discussion of the affects and Impacts of fraud to Paypal- To be used in a Restorative Meeting

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Hi All


I would like to introduce myself, my name is Ian <removed> and I am a Victim & Restorative Interventions Officer for Cardiff Youth Justice Service (YJS).


I have been informed that paypal has been affected by crime and/or anti-social behaviour and as part of this process we look to assist those affected by crime or/and anti-social behaviour, to ensure you have an opportunity to be offered resolution and closure.


What we usually do is something called a restorative meeting.


We were hoping you could answer the following questions that we can use, to talk about the affects that Fraud has to Paypal as a company and also its service users/customers.


What is the process when Fraudalent activity is reported to yoursleves?

How do you get involved with the Police?

How many people in the UK are defrauded via Paypal?

How much do these loses cost the organisation?

How much does it cost on average each customer to cover the losses?

Have the reports of Crime increased ?

Does the losses you occur affect staff with bonuses etc?


Any questions or verification please just contact me 


Anything you can answer of these questions would be much appreciated, as we are looking to prevent Young People from repeating these sort of Crimes in the future.


Kind regards


Ian <removed>

Victim & Restorative Interventions Officer

Cardiff Youth Justice Service

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