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eCheck bouncing fraud/scam

eCheck bouncing fraud/scam

Had high ticket item for sale on ebay. Got an offer from buyer, went back and forth and she finally bought the bags. I received paypal and ebay confirmation and saw the pending transaction in my paypal account.

echeck was set to clear today, but paypal sent me email saying it bounced and will try again in two weeks.

Buyer has not contacted me yet, but i read that this is part of scam, and i should expect buyer to try and convince me that paypal messed up and the funds have really been transfered, so i should ship the items.


Anyone ever deal with this? Second time im being scammed this week. First guy "bought" the item, and sent me fake paypal emails with a virus attachment, trying to get me to ship the item before the funds showed up on paypal.


This shouldnt happen!

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Re: eCheck bouncing fraud/scam

People are too quick to scream "scam".


In this case, the echeck just bounced.  We're just past the first of the month, perhaps she had to pay rent.


Since it's Friday, she may be putting some money in the bank and the echeck will clear the next time - I've had that happen.


Times are tough out there - give her a break.  Just don't send the items until the echeck clears.

Re: eCheck bouncing fraud/scam

What about the fact that she has no rating and only a member for 3 months?


does that raise a red flag? also hasnt responded to any of my emails.

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Re: eCheck bouncing fraud/scam

If she's new, she may not even know where to access her messages.  She could be away for the weekend.


And there are all sorts of people that haven't been here long.


No red flags there.