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Your account access is limited


Your account access is limited

Hello, Dear

My Name Kanai <removed>. I facing a problem on account there is "account access is limited". My account recent transaction........

Here is the transaction Note name "Mostafa <removed>". But Still, transaction pending. And also I don't understand What type of Document I will submit. Please help me...

Here is the received mail from PayPal.



To resolve the compliance inquiry in a timely fashion, PayPal is requesting that you provide the following information:


• The date of birth of Mostafa <removed>.


Your payment has been held until this issue is resolved. This hold cannot be removed until PayPal receives the requested information that will enable us to ensure our compliance with our regulatory obligations.


To provide this information, please go to the Resolution Center. To access the Resolution Center, log in to your account and click "Help" at the top of any page, then click "Resolution Center." Please ensure that any documents you send us are fully visible as we can't accept partial documents.


We thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Re: Your account access is limited



Just upload them the date of birth as requested? 

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Kudos / Solution appreciated.