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Victim of Fraud confirmed by AusPost but PayPal wont honour insurance claim

New Community Member

Victim of Fraud confirmed by AusPost but PayPal wont honour insurance claim


I'm trying to contact PayPal but it won't let me submit another resolution claim because I've already submitted a claim against the fraudulent transaction. 


Throughout the years of online shopping, I unfortunately encountered my first scam. I reported it to PayPal but they denied my claim because the sender sent a tracking ID but all I received as an empty envelope! Not the lamp I paid for. 


I contacted AusPost and their advice was for me to report it as a scam to PayPal but I already done this and it's blocking me from reporting it again. I cant find any email address too. 


So I am reaching out to the community for advice. What can I do in this situation? I dont want anyone else to be scammed too. 


Please see below the email reply from PayPal and the email that I wanted to send back but was blocked.






I disagree with your resolution as I am 100% certain that the seller associated to Case ID PP-D-81937042 is a fraud.
As described in the email sent to me by AustraliaPost, they confirmed that the parcel sent to me is NOT of the same description and value that is associated in this case.

As per advice from Australia Post (Reference number 35609545), I am asking PayPal to assist me with recovering the money I have paid for the parcel as I am a victim of a scam.
Please see below Australia Post’s response from their investigation:

“The electronic information for your article LZ243864052CN shows:

- The contents the sender has listed in the electronic customs documentation is "towel" which is not what you have advised you are expecting.

- I can see the weight listed for this parcel is 0.06g which does not match what you have advised you are expecting. The service used in this instance was for a small article under 2kg.

It is for these reasons that I believe the sender may have made an error with either the address placed on the parcel or the tracking number that they have provided to you.

If your sender is adamant that all information is correct, they will need to contact the postal service they used to send the parcel to start an investigation.

In the event your sender is unwilling to follow this up for you, it is possible that you have been the victim of a scam. In this case, I suggest that you contact your purchasing platform to raise a dispute or your financial institution for assistance with recovering the money you have paid for the parcel. If you believe it is a scam, your bank may ask you to submit a report to Scam Watch which is a brand of the government who oversees, monitors and reports on these types of events and incidents. You can visit their website here:

I hope this information has helped clarify what has happened and the next steps for you to take.”

I hope you look into this case further to prevent such scams to PayPal customers. I would like to restore my confidence in purchasing with PayPal because of the insurance you offer.
The outcome that I want from this case are:
- Ban the seller associated in this case as the activities they’re performing is fraudulent
- Recover my money that I paid

Furthermore, I have forwarded you AustraliaPost’s email to me as evidence.

Kind regards,