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Very disapointed with the PayPal


Very disapointed with the PayPal

Hello, My name is Adian Bryel and I'm messing to PayPal as I am very disapointed with the service, For about 2 weeks ago a customer to mine wanted to buy a virtual product over Discord (Chat place). He offered to buy 40$ for a product I've spend time and money to make. After giving out my store where he could purchase it he just asked for my email, Even that i recommended the store.
So after he made the payment i gave him the product over Google Drive. He seem's happy until i received it's been a dispute against me, I reacted very much as it's been my first one. He message was that he hasn't received the product and that i lived in UK so i was "obvious a scammer". After i told PayPal the whole story and sended even a link of my store the didn't answeared my message and either did the buyer, I decieded to escalate the case becuse of 2 main reason's. 1 was that it felt like i was talking to 2 walls, The 2 was that I've spend money and work on the product and still not able to receive the money for this. The buyer thretend that I've scammed him over discord and said he would message all my facebook friend over messenger if he didn't received he's money back, As i was angry that he made a basic scam i hoped that PayPal would fix this and be on my side as the Buyer never answeared. I got about 3 times message that ME/I need to message PayPal with more information, When it was me who made the escalate, Me who worked hard on the product, Him who received the product then made a dispute. As this was a virtual item i couldn't ask for it back, I couldn't add a tracking info, Or ANYTHING. PayPal keep saying me to add more and after me put 5 message in detail for info about the case and the buyer only 1 message with some simple words like "He scammed me and he live in UK" I tryed give them all the facts. After saying he did received it he changed the title to "Item not as descibed" I even asked the buyer and PayPal to atleast message me so we could sort the problem out but the was like dead bird. Today at 2019-03-14 I logged in to my PayPal account and saw a refund was compleated to the buyer. I'm actully so ANGRY and SAD how this case been dealed with, I decieded to actully remove my phone number and bank card as PayPal is actully nothing to trust, I even had 12$ (While PayPal hold my money) And then it got down to 9$ when i received 37$ from the buyer the took 40$ from me. I don't really care now about the 9$ as i will never be a customer to PayPal anymore. people coming away with some easy scams that it so easy. PayPal feel like using bots as the to lazy to take money serious. I will close down my bussnise  and also my PayPal account when is stop saying "You can't close it down at this moment". Being a seller for PayPal is just a way to lose money. Now i also got 9$ in amout and I've losed 40$ just becuse a scammer accused me for a thing and PayPal don't take the time to sort it out. Actully for new members. Do never start up a PayPal account. It just mean problems and nothing more. Way for PayPal to take money from someone and a way for people to make a false disputes and come away with it. Angry and sad at the same time!.

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Re: Very disapointed with the PayPal



There is no paypal seller protection for virtual transactions, you can sell them but at your own risk.

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