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Temporary limited. Need help from a Paypal employee thanks.


Temporary limited. Need help from a Paypal employee thanks.

Hi all.

I need help with a temporary limitation. I know it is for security reasons which are all fine by me if I just could get the issue resolved

I have hit a deposit or withdrawal limit of $2500.


The case is PP-009-797-697-815


Right now and the past 2 weeks I have been running in a circle on the site. I am told that I have to go to the solution center to confirm my card but it has already been confirmed and someone from Paypal has confirmed that in an in-site message to me. But in the solution center, it still stands as something to be resolved. So I am completely stuck.


When I click on "resolve" I get to a new page where I click on "get started". Then I have to confirm my card (which has already been done and approved) And when I click on "get started" there I am thrown back to the front page and nothing has happened. I can do that all day long. Have tried at least 100 times by now but still no progress.


I can't do anything. Paypal has told me in an in-site message that now I have to confirm my identity and address but it has already been done years ago. Nothing has changed. Paypal has all the documents they may ever need already. I have been a customer of Paypal for 19 years and everything is confirmed in every possible way.

I have had the same bank for 15 years and lived in the same place for almost 12 years so nothing I can provide Paypal with will be any different from what Paypal already has.


But if I need to send everything again to get this issue resolved I am happy to do so.


But HOW..?


I cant use the solution center as it runs in circles with me and Paypal won't open attachments in emails I have read due to security. So how am I to upload anything to Paypal..? I had a feeling I might be asked for those documents (identity and address) so I already sent them 1 week ago actually via the in-site message system. But are attachments opened there..? I assume they are since we can attach things there but I am yet to receive a response.


I am in contact with the danish support via in-site messages but it takes 12 days on average at the moment due to the covid situation we are all in to get a reply and I am kinda running out of time here as I need the money for a new apartment and the lease has to be signed at 12.00 noon next Wednesday. I withdrew from a site to Paypal 25 days ago so it is not because I tried to do this at the last minute. Just if people wonder why I write here less than 1 week before the lease has to be signed.


SO now I am hoping someone here is able to help me and review the documents and resolve this issue so I will be able to withdraw the funds hopefully before next Wednesday. Fingers crossed here as panic is about to set in. Frustration arrived weeks ago.


The reason I withdrew the money from a site to Paypal is that I have always thought of Paypal as fair, fast, and reliable but this time I apparently ran into a bug in the solution center sadly.


It's really important to me due to the apartment situation that I get will be able to withdraw soon so any help will be highly appreciated.


Oh by the way. Are there any more limits I should be worried about in the future..? Like at $5000 or $10000 or any limit at all really.


Thanks in advance.

Henrik Hansen.


Re: Temporary limited. Need help from a Paypal employee thanks.

Still hoping for some help here.

Anyone who is able to help or maybe know some Paypal employee they can show it to..?