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Scammed by Japan official Website Nippon Yasan

New Community Member

Scammed by Japan official Website Nippon Yasan

Hi all, last year Dec 2 2019, I have made payment to above website, but due to their own issue, they cannot fulfill my orders/items after almost 4 months time now, It was a pre-order, meant to release in May 2020, but until recently August, I raised a refund request from their site, without my consent and knowledge, they issue me a store credit, forcing me to use the hard earn money of mine to purchase from them again for items that they cannot fulfill.


I still have 2 more transaction that is with the website, it is pay via Credit card that time. I regretted using credit card on this website, it has cause me tremendous amount of loss and disappointment.


Currently I like to know if paypal can still claim back my 2 transaction that was paid on Last year Dec, because Nippon Yassan will close my account if I raise a dispute in paypal with them. It will cause my account block and banned, and i might not even be able to claim my credit card payment, I have tried to reach their customer contact, but they reply is very cold and doesn't give any concern or solid reply regarding my situation.


I like to seek out best solution in this , I just want to get back my money that I paid almost a year ago.

The amount concern is  


For Paypal


And credit card payment is

25320 Yen & 22180 yen 


Please advise the best course for above issues, any advice and suggestion is much appreciated