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Refund request from Apple


Refund request from Apple

I download an app from the Apple store that offered a 7 day free trial and then a £54.99 annual subscription. As always, when I take these free trails I systematically cancel the subscription in case, so it doesn't subscribe once the free trial ends.

On this occasion, after the free trial ended I was sent a notification that £54.99 had been pre approved and the subscription was to continue. In other words I was charged for the app. When I went onto itunes to request the refund it automatically appeared to knock it back, so I requested it through PayPal. In the meantime I spoke to Apple and they confirmed they could see I had cancelled the subscription initially on the same day I downloaded it.

However, somewhere within the use of the app there had been an over site and unaware had reactivated the annual subscription. 

Also once I received the notification I had been charged, I went back in the subscription page and cancelled it again, this unfortunately date stamped the cancellation on the day the free trial ended.

I raised it with Pay Pal and their response was that I needed to send them proof of purchase and proof of cancellation. I sent in the proof of purchase but having spoken to Apple they told me they don't have a proof of cancellation. Anyway I sent back what I could to PayPal explaining this and in no time at all they responded by saying that it was inadequate proof and no refund would be given and the case is closed.

INTERESTING OUTCOME, because I immediately contacted Apple Support and they informed me that the £54.99 charge had been refunded some days ago, in fact they sent me the credit note.

My concern is that PayPal won't pass the refund onto myself. I have messaged and appealed but as yet have had no response.

I appreciate that due to the current situation things are running behind but my concern is that PayPal appear to be holding onto the refunded amount.   

PayPal Employee

Re: Refund request from Apple

Good day @BCV15 


I am sorry to hear that this has been such an ongoing process for you. Let’s go over the options you have. 


Please be advised the following.


1.  If a buyer was not able to provide a proof of cancellation, then there is a slim chance to win the case.


2. PayPal will not hold onto refunded amount. Once a refund has been initiated by the merchant, the status of the transaction in you PayPal Activity page must show 'Refunded' and the money will be returned to original funding source. Arrival times may vary (bank dependent):  

- Bank payments > 3-5 or 5-7 business days. 
- Cards > 7 business days, up to 30 calendar days depending on your issuing card. 
- PayPal balance > fairly instant.


For your reference, please click the link/s below.


Where is my refund? 


3. In the event that you still haven't been refunded, I suggest to submit a copy or a screenshot of the 'credit note' you received from Apple Support.


4. I recommend that you check you pre-approved payment or billing agreement in your PayPal account to prevent this kind of issue from happening moving forward.


For your reference, please click the link/s below.


How do I cancel a Billing Agreement? 



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Re: Refund request from Apple

Many thanks for your help but I did send a copy of the credit note in my appeal. My point was that had I not contacted Apple I wouldn’t have known that they had refunded the money. Pay Pal had closed the case, so I have little confidence in them trying to help me.