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Paypal scam

New Community Member

Paypal scam

I have spoken with paypal multiple times and worked through their website.  They still will not release my funds and they continue to add additional requirements.  I am very concered about paypal processes and that this may be a direct violation of federal security laws, as well as the paypal security measures that potential expose me to cyber threats since I have provided overwhelming documentation. 


Is anyone else experiencing this problem?  



Re: Paypal scam

For the past fortnight, my account has been temporarily limited. That means if my funds are lying in Paypal, they will continue to remain so instead of these getting transferred to my bank account. I have been sending umpteen number of mails and the answer is very standard stating that I will hear from Paypal in 3-4 working days!! Nothing happens. Meanwhile, I have told my clients to keep my transfer on hold and further requested them to use another option to transfer money so that it reaches my bank account. 


Yet another absurd information I have got from Paypal is that I am having a charitable organisation by virtue of which I receive donation in my Paypal account. This is a load of rubbish.