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PayPal AUP Policy

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Hi All, 


It seems PayPal's AUP policy is not enforced to all users. I realise you can gain pre-approval, but i have emailed AUP numerous times over the last few months and never even had a response. I operate a free entry prize draw competition website and have done so for over 4 years. It was also featured on Dragons Den UK and received 3 offers and we accepted a n offer from 2 Dragons. 


We have worked with First Data, CyberSource and Axcess as merchant accounts / payment gateways for over 4 years now, but we still can't get pre-approval or even a response from PayPal AUP, yet many of the newer competition websites (6 months old) operate with PayPal and even a few of the better websites which do a really good job, like BOTB have approval for PayPal.


How does this work? What is required and am i missing something? 




PayPal AUP Policy

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no option available in botb in checkout page

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