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PAYPAL helps Criminals

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PAYPAL helps Criminals

Pay Pal helps scammers and thieves steal your money. So I put in a Unauthorized payment dispute because a payment was made on my account that i did not make, in fact I've had this account for a while now and this is the only transaction that has been made and they denied my refund of 149.00 which 9.00 of it is in pay pals pocket. Bottom line Users dont count on pay pal to help you. The only transaction on my account (after a year since i made account) gets disputed for fraud and no help from them, no refund,no sorry about this, even though I'm telling them I did not send this but they sent me a email telling me that i did send this money which tells me they want to keep the money they get from stolen money on their App. Pay pal is not here to help us nor do they care about making sure our information and money is secure. PAYPAL RESPONSE: We didnt find the transaction to be Unauthorized so we are not issuing a refund. THEY HELP THE CRIMINALS STEAL OUR MONEY DONT TRUST PAYPAY

Re: PAYPAL helps Criminals

Agree entirely. They closed my dispute. Saying I didn't reply in time when it was the company I was claiming against did not reply.