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How To Remove My Paypal Account Limitation


How To Remove My Paypal Account Limitation

Dear Community,


I'm an international student, and I went back to my own country since August,2020. I do not live in Malaysia anymore and my Malaysian phone number also terminated so that Paypal couldn't contact me.


I was asked to provide a document(utility bills or bank statment) which can prove my address,


First of all, all the utility bills are under my room onwer name, and there's no utility bills with my own name on it, so there's no way to prove my identity using the utility bill.


For bank statements, I have already downloaded the bank statment from CIMB for my past 12 months transaction history and upload the document to paypal, still they reject the document without giving me any valid reasons.


I tried to contact the staff for many times, but everytime they igonre my special case and asked me to provide utility bills again and again which I couldn't provide at all, they also delete the messages with me whenever I further explained my case to them.


I'm ready to provide anything to provide my identity, I can also accept video call verification if they want, but obviously they wouldn't do like that,


I tried my best and I really don't know what to do now, could anyone help me?

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Re: How To Remove My Paypal Account Limitation



Paypal is country specific so if you move countries you have to open another paypal account in the country you reside in and add an address / phone number / bank accounts / cards from within that country.

You should really withdraw any funds / resolve issues / remove cards and bank accounts / cancel any subscriptions and close the old Paypal account before you move countries. If you don't then you may have problems doing so once you have moved and may need to contact customer services for help to resolve things.

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Re: How To Remove My Paypal Account Limitation

Thanks for the reply, but the problem is that the customer support won't reply my message at all after requesting my contract with my room owner, how to deal with this case if no customer would reply?