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Elluta design fraud


Elluta design fraud

I have been trying to get my money back for months for items not received. PayPal has been of no help. I’m beginning to believe they own Elluta designs. I finally went to my bank and waited for two hours (thank you covid 19) to speak to someone and they agreed to reverse the charge. Then I get up this morning and have a PayPal message saying they have debited my PayPal account AGAIN!! What gives? They said they had refunded that money on March 16 when I can clearly see from my PayPal account and bank account the amount was never refunded!! I can’t get anyone to respond to me via phone or email. They just keep sending the same thing saying they got my message!!!
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Re: Elluta design fraud

Hi! by any chance do you keep their email address for contact? just call my Bank they want me to contact them first before start litigation, would please provide to me, and you are 100% right Pay pal didn't help at all they side with them instead of helping me and another issue they claim to already delivery but I didn't get it even so they suppose to have insurance they didn't even resent my order, first-time experiment this kind of issues, almost $300 pay to irresponsible salespeople I just want my money back, ask for Pay Pal couldn't help.