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Counterfeit product encounter


Counterfeit product encounter

I was sold a counterfeit Yeezy Boost 350 v2 shoe even though the description was said to be authentic and was "brought from Adidas". I sent the product from Gold Coast to Melbourne to get it verified whether if it was actually genuine or not. It came back to be unauthentic but unfortunately, the store was not able to give a concrete statement as it was due to their store policy. I went on to a reputable sneaker group which was created on Facebook for verification of the pair of shoes and they returned to me and said that it was unauthentic as well. Furthermore, I took the initiative to pay for another authenticity letter for the pair of shoes as well to get it verified the third time and it came back to be unauthentic as well. So I can confidentially inform that it is a counterfeit good. I have tried to tell Paypal about this a couple of times, I have sent an email through Paypal with 3 supporting claims regarding the shoe but it was still insufficient for them as I was required to provide "additional information". I have tried reviewing the case through the resolution centre and the only respond button was - upload tracking information. There was neither - On the case details page, click Respond. Choose I'd like to submit the requested info - on my part of the case. 


I am also very uneasy as Paypal has decided to not do anything about this and allow circulation of the counterfeit good in the market, I was more than willing to send the shoe either to Paypal or the ABF regarding the shoes as long as I am able to get a refund from the seller that I have bought the shoes. It should be irrelevant whether if the buyer thinks it is fake or not but rather the supporting statements from retailers, reputable groups and a 3rd party authenticator should be sufficient as Adidas would not be providing any authenticity letters. 


Since I have reported this matter to the Border Watch and just hoping to get back the money that I have paid for the shoes, would I be able to get a refund for the letter of authenticity and the shipping costs? Or that money would just be wasted in the process?