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Cancel a transaction made by accident

New Community Member

Cancel a transaction made by accident



I made a payment by mistake. The amount is pretty big and I want to cancel it. I disputed but paypal says since it was authorized by me I can't get money back. I can't afford loosing this money. Please advise.

PayPal Employee

Re: Cancel a transaction made by accident

Good day @maskat07 


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On top of what has been mentioned to you, please also be advised that cancelling an order is not a protection that PayPal offers. In the event that someone wants to cancel a transaction (even if it was made by mistake / accident), the buyer should communicate directly with the seller and try to request for a refund.


For reference, please see links below.


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However, if this transaction was funded by your bank or card, you may also want to consider contacting your financial institution to discuss the matter with them and see options available they have for you.



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