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Business Account is NOT Recommended as a Primary Payment Solution EVER


Business Account is NOT Recommended as a Primary Payment Solution EVER

We are running hotel management company in Thailand and we were always straight with the rules and never had any issues with the payments, chargebacks or anything.


Still we got blocked without any explanations for a quiet long time and it was very hard to communicate with the support to prove that we did nothing wrong.


Proving of ID / Address in Thailand for the foreigner is a pain. Foreigners do not have:
- Utility bills (phone and broadband services, health insurance, gas, water, electricity, etc.) 

with their names on it as we are renting property only.


Still as a legal company staff we do have work permit issued by goverment with the company address which should be accepted as a proof. Still support is requesting papers that are not exist: bank bill (no address on it), utility bill (no name on it) etc. 


The problem of support they are following their SCRIPT which says "utility bill" so actually they dont asking for proof of address but asking what they have to ask using script.


The legal paper with address, dates, names was provided, still they were not able to answer if it is accepted or not.

The other staff requested Salary Slip issued by company with the address which was also made, but not accepted.


Every time staff tried to tell that Paypal operates millions of accounts and they have no time to talk to us (business support), they keep telling us we have to wait upto 4 business days... which is not acceptable for us! We were using paypal to receive payments for the hotel stay, people check-in/out every day and we have to receive payments. We also running advertising on social using account which was stopped for a week because of the block.


There were no reason to block our account, just requested one of the staff ID who has a login and was added few years ago. So it could be just request to provide papers but not block INCOMING payments!

Unprofessional and unacceptable service for real businesses.


We have moved our payments to other solution and Paypal lost 50k USD monthly turnover.


As a bottom line I WOULD NOT RECCOMMEND FOR ANY BUSINESS TO USE PP AS A PRIMARY PAYMENT SOLUTION. You can get into situation that your business is blocked without any support or explanation. You may not call directly to Business dev team, as they are not available, even if you're connected to them, they are useless, they just saying script and telling to wait for other team that give to other team and then to other team and later after 4 days MAYBE you will have a reply which will tell you that your papers are not accepted, please send again.




Thank you for your time to read this. Hopefully it will help someone.

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Re: Business Account is NOT Recommended as a Primary Payment Solution EVER

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