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'' .................................. can you trust advice from this source !!!!!!

New Community Member

This is an email I received:

Register and open a free PayPal account

          Buyer protection in the event of unauthorized use of your account

          When you send a payment, your financial information is never shared

          Free for the buyer

We confirm that you have sent to alie.xyy() a payment of $ _____ USD via PayPal.

This credit card transaction will be shown on your statement as "PAYPAL * Alie.Xy".


This Isn't you ?

Resolve It Now


Payment details



Purchased at:Alie.xy

Code received : (removed)



Item No.      Item Title     Quantity       Price  Sub Total

381241898676       I-Phone 6 Unlocked 32GB         1        $____________________

Shipping & handling:

(It includes the cost of packaging from the seller)   $13,00 USD

Insurance costs (no offer):        --


Total: $863,98 USD

The charge will appear on your credit card as "PAYPAL *Alie.xy". 

Payment sent to alie.

Initial amount Currency   _____________

Currency final amount:    _____________

Exchange rate: 1 USD = ______________

Business information

Company:              Alie.xy

Email Contact:               


Shipping Detail


Shipping Detail :              Steven P. Wallace

173 Hinkle Lake Road



United States

Contacting PayPal about anything is like trying to break into the Kremlin with a wet feather!!

PayPal and Ebay are famous for this, an autocratic tweam that only plays by their rules.

'' .................................. can you trust advice from this source !!!!!!

New Community Member

me too- exaclty the same email. Can't figure why my copy and paste dosen't work for this reply box but never mind- it's exactly as the one Brok had.

Really alarmed to read some people think the spoof email itself might be a scam!  SOS= Sick of  Scumbags!  Paypal do something about this if you want to stay in business! 

'' .................................. can you trust advice from this source !!!!!!


I received the I-Phone 6 email several days ago and forwarded it to PayPal  My email was identical to the one Brok received.  I live in the US so It wasn't  I thought it interesting that the email contact for the vendor was alie.xyy


It appears to me, the PayPal scams keep getting more elaborate.  I get numerous PayPal scammer emails a month.  I keep forwarding them to PayPal. 


This last one really bugged me.  

'' .................................. can you trust advice from this source !!!!!!


Hi All,


I've also received an email that seems to be a scam. They wanted to buy an item and they said they've transfered the item amount and some additional for the courier that I should pay to MoneyGram with cash. I believe the courier address they've given me is in really the address on the scammers.


I've even received an email pretending to be from PayPal saying the money had been transfered and was on hold until I had paid the courier with cash. Please see below



S***h Wa***
2:36 PM (7 hours ago)

to me
Hello again,
I am glad to inform you that i have made the payment! PayPal said that they have sent you a confirmation email so kindly check the inbox of your email.
I had a little problem with the courier agent they said they can only schedule the pick up date and time after they receive their pick up fee in their head office via moneygram,but due to me being offshore i'm unable to get to a moneygram shop to send it. I added the £360 they charged for the pick up and £40 for the moneygram charges,you will receive the total sum of £1030.
You'll send £360 to them via moneygram today and here is the details needed for the transfer below:

First name: Raphael
Last name: M***** A***LA
Address: 11 ro***a road *****ah 0****.
Country: United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Please let me know once you've sent the money so that i can make necessary arrangements."




'' .................................. can you trust advice from this source !!!!!!

Just had a scam email after I posted an ad on gumtree for my car that I'm selling, the person used the name of Sarah Wallace , saying they were interested in buying my car that I should give them my PayPal account number and that we're disabled and we're buying the car for their son , that they wanted to pay full price without coming to view , they wanted to give their courier my address and as I was stuck in traffic I couldn't reply and asked them to wait , , I sent a second message saying the car wasn't ready and asked them to wait a couple of days, they replied by sending the exact same email about the woman being disabled and it was for their son and couldn't view the car and asking for my Paypal account details , be warned everyone

'' .................................. can you trust advice from this source !!!!!!

I sent a suspect email to the .com address and received my reply in Spanish!

'' .................................. can you trust advice from this source !!!!!!

New Community Member

Just made two attempts to forward yet morespoof email I have received, but both have been bounced back with the error message " Reason: The following message to was undeliverable.The reason for the problem:".  Good way to 'look the other way' with the ever continuing sppof emails.!

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