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I have recently made an online purchase from a seller and made an PayPal payment. On my side the status has been completed but the seller insist that I've to "Confirm Receipt" as "Yes" indicating item has been received so that seller get's the money without 21-day hold. Without this step, seller wanted to cancel the transaction and refund the money as seller mentions that without this there is no seller protection as buyer can potentially cheat the seller saying "No" later even after receiving the item.


Here's my question:


1) Is it OK to say Confirm Receipt "Yes", even though buyer haven't received the item?


2) If I say "Yes" and did not receive the item later on what happens? Is Buyer still protected? Can I get buyer protection for this scenario?


I wanted to help the seller but did not want to get into trouble due to blind faith.


Thanks for your help.

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