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I am planning to send this guy some huge amount of money via paypal. He says he is a personal/verified member. My question is: Is there any way I can check his record? I mean, whether he has/had any disputes against him? how long has he been member on paypal? I tried what was mentioned on the paypal site--- "To check PayPal membership status, go to the "Send Money" tab and initiate a payment to the seller. On the "Check the details of your payment" page, before the payment is sent, you'll see the seller's reputation link (e.g. Verified Premier Member) next to his email address. Click the link to see more information about the membership status". I cannot see any any link that directs me to the seller verification information. Why is that? What should I do? All i can see is the personal member sign infront of the seller's email id and nothing else...

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Hi there G_MaN,


Firstly, I am unsure why you cannot see the status of this sellers account- I have escalated this to our technical team to take a look into.


Regrettably we are unable to discuss specific details of another customers account. Being a large amount I would advise that you ensure that you are covered under our buyer protection policy when completing this payment.


PayPal Buyer Protection covers you for items that you have bought in the event that you do not receive your item, or the item is significantly not as described.

You are eligible for PayPal Buyer Protection if:


  • You didn’t receive the item or the item is significantly not as described.
  • You used PayPal, an eBay invoice or clicked the ‘Pay Now’ button to purchase the item.
  • You paid for the item with one payment (items purchased with multiple payments are not eligible for Buyer Protection).
  • The claim is for tangible, physical goods that can be posted and are not prohibited by PayPal. Payments for intangibles, services, licences and other digital content are not protected
  • You file a dispute in your PayPal account via the 'Resolution Centre' within 45 days of the payment. If you cannot resolve the dispute with your seller, ask PayPal to investigate by escalating the dispute to a claim within 20 days of the date the dispute was opened

To learn more about PayPal Buyer Protection and to see the full eligibility requirements, click ‘Legal Agreements’ at the bottom of any PayPal page, and then click ‘PayPal User Agreement.’


Hope this helps!



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I ran into exactly the same issue. I was unable to see the status before sending payment.

I sent the payment anyway; and the Status shows up on the transaction details, but by that point it isn't much use 😞

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I am shocked that since MAY 2011, Paypal still didn't fix this major issue:

there is no way to view seller reputation (verified, etc) before making a payment. this is already on your community help forum since MAY2011. in the meantime, the paypal help link still says that it is possible to view seller reputation before making a payment. 

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Its nearly a year later and I'm having the same problem! Info is vital as im dealing with large amounts of money

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Easy to check status, just send them 1p then you can check on the payment status page.

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Paypal have NO interest in promoting anyone except ebay.


Ive called them about this, and they came out with story after story (which is a perfect indication that the guy i was speaking to was lying thru his teeth, obviously), starting with "we aren't able to do that".


When i said "well,. you do it for ebay, cus they can't update their systems without information form you", the guy starts coughing and stalling, then comes out with some other rubbish.


And every time you use ebay as the prime example, he says "huh, yeah, err, well, err, i will have to bring it up in the next meeting - i'm sure it will be looked at, thanks for you rsuggestion".


The last time i tried was about ayear or 2 ago, and they haven't moved yet, so they aren't gonna really, are they ?


In the long term, ebay will take over the world of internet sales, because its the ONLY place you can see a reputation.


Remember, ebay and paypal are the SAME COMPANY, so if one can do reputations, so can the other.


What we SHOUL DO, is stick together and all use another payment method for aweek, to show we DEMAND it.


But since every one is an "individual" (a divided and seprated part of the masses), we have no chance, so just surrender, and admit it: YOU WORK FOR PAYPAL/EBAY, AND DO WHAT YOU'RE TOLD !!!


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