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Everytime I withdraw money - To the same bank, the transaction must be reviewed, even if it is similar amount to last time. Has happened about 5 times already and is becoming a pain, my account is verified, when will the withdraws be instant, or what must I do?



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Hi scottappelboom,


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I am sorry to hear this has impacted your use of PayPal so much. There are a few reasons why this might happen. It usually only happens on new accounts or it could be our Security.

For security reasons, we cannot provide the exact reasons why this happens, but possible reasons include:

  • You may have received a higher-than-usual amount of money into your account recently
  • You may have started selling more expensive items
  • You may have started to sell different items
  • You may have made changes to your account profile (such as adding a new address or a new bank account)
  • You may have accessed your account differently recently (such as logging in from abroad)
  • You may have received a higher-than-usual number of chargebacks, refunds, complaints or claims recently
  • You may have reported unauthorised activity on your PayPal account recently

Keeping the PayPal environment secure is always our utmost concern so we try to identify patterns that don't match your usual activity. Many banks and credit card companies work this way too.





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