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We are about to leave Paypal due to the long time we have to wait for our money to be released
We are a small Co and we accept that customers can have problems but in our experience in the taxi world they complain very quickly nothing would merit 30 days. I don't want to leave Paypal I have been a good customer but we are going more towards card payments and keeping £1500-£2000 is killing our cash flow. My fuel cards need paying every Monday 10:00 sharp drivers are paid weekly we can't keep our money locked in your bank whilst we are being fined by banks and fuel card co's for having insufficient cleared funds. We don't Trade Sell goods We provide a service that in most cases is paid in arrears. We use 2 linked Bank A/C's and a credit card to back up our PP a/c


Pending Account

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ok, just click on close account in your 'profile' remembering to remove any funds / cards and bank account first.

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