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Facebook stealing money on my paypal


Facebook stealing money on my paypal

Hi, I badly need your help guys, Facebook is charging me $75 for facebook ads which is suspicious because I don't have any fb ads. Im not an advertiser and i dont sell products online. Please help me how to resolve this problem. Thanks Jhon
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Re: Facebook stealing money on my paypal

why cant you ask FB?

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Re: Facebook stealing money on my paypal

Me too and dont tell me to report it. It says you cannot dispute a claim of this type. It was apparently a pre-authorised payment but there is no record of any ad in my Facebook Ads account. Someone is using Facebook to fraud paypal and it is some Ireland User ID posing as FB and taking money from peoples accounts that apparently cannot be disputed.


Re: Facebook stealing money on my paypal

Hi @Dudezz,


I'm sorry to hear that there have been any unauthorized payments! Please take a look at this article for steps to report unauthorized activity, and to check for pre-approved payments or subscriptions that may have resulted in charges coming through. If you have set up a pre-approved payment with Facebook in the past, please also check your Facebook account to make sure that it has not been compromised.


I hope this helps!




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