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Microsoft charged my paypal and wont return the money


Microsoft charged my paypal and wont return the money

I purchased a 1 month subscription for xbox live on may 5th, and i specifically looked for any options to auto-renew on the subscription page and saw none. I only wanted xbox live for a day. So come june 6th or so i check my paypal log and see that i was billed by microsoft for another month of xbox live . After some googling, it turns out that by accepting the xbox live EULA, this gives microsoft the right to automatically renew your subscription when it runs out, and also gives them unrestricted access to your paypal and bank account.

Apparently after every subscription purchase on xbox live, your subscription is reset to auto-renew, and you have to go on an expedition to turn that off. Clearly they hid this"convenience" away in the EULA to sleaze up some money from unknowing customers like myself, and i am questioning if this is even legal, since it seems very underhanded and something like this should not be able to buried away in an EULA, which they know most people dont read.


This is something i would expect from some foreign scam site selling viagra pills, not from a multi billion dollar company. I talked to them on live chat and they assured me they had my best interest at heart and told me they emailed some microsoft spec ops team to go and discern if i am eligable for a refund. So i get the rather expected response from the microsoft world teasury, and i am inormed that "most unfortunately subscriptions are non-refundable," and there is nothing they can do.


Is there anything that can be done? Its a small amount of money, but it does not belong to microsoft. I dont care what you put in an EULA, i dont think that is right or even legal or binding, and i dont think they have the right to take money out of my bank for a service that i did not explicitly purchase and refuse to give it back.



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Re: Microsoft charged my paypal and wont return the money

Did you check your PayPal Account to see if you have a Billing Agreement setup?


  • Login to your PayPal Account.
  • Click on "Profile".
  • Click on "My Money".
  • Look for: "My Preapproved Payments".
  • You should see: "Manage the automatic payments, subscriptions, and installment plan payments I send to merchants".
  • Click on "Update".
  • Next, you will see all active and cancelled billing agreements/subscriptions listed on the screen.
  • Click on the service-name for further action.
  • You should see on next page terms of billing agreement/subscription, how much money you have authorized service provider to deduct from your account and few other details.   Most important is link to Cancel agreement, in case if it is active.
  • Note, when you click on Cancel, you will be prompted to confirm it once again.   Click "Yes".