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Re: Don't Use Pay Pal Credit

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Re: Don't Use Pay Pal Credit

I just had the WORST EXPERIENCE with PayPal CreditDo not use it!!!! As a merchant, I often come in contact with clients who want to utilize the services we offer, but they are unable to afford it. We decided to give PayPal credit a shot and we sent a new customer to apply for credit. She was immediately approved for over $2200. We were all very happy for her!! She was excited, as she could now afford a service she had been wanting for years. Unfortunately, the PayPal Credit option would not appear in her account as a method of payment. We placed multiple calls to the customer service department for support and help with processing the transaction. Each call ended badly with PayPal credit refusing to issue the credit they approved. I spoke with a manager, named Corey and a representative named, Kendall. Both were very impatient and rude. Our client was a very kind Spanish-speaking woman who had some trouble understanding over the phone,as English is not her first language. PayPal credit was unable to accommodate  her. No one spoke Spanish. As a result, of her trouble understanding their questions. She was treated unfairly, as Corey, the manager, refused to honor the credit offer that was issued. Corey suggested we use another form of payment. When we suggested closing the $2200 credit line, Corey made no attempt to keep her account. Instead, he rudely stated that this was our problem and that she should use another credit option; instead of PayPal Credit. We will not be sending anymore clients to PayPal credit, as we have yet to be paid for a service we provided. Our client has yet to be able to use the credit she was approved for and each representative/manager we spoke with has been rude, unwilling to assist and completely uncooperative. 

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Re: Paypal credit

If you search this forum,many have the same problem,Paypal credit is very easy to obtain but it is notlike your bank or credit card line of credit,IT IS NOT ALWAYS Available.

It depends on Paypal own cashflow,how much it has already lent out,the risk level of the item and the borrower profile-her credit and purchase history.

Paypal should really amend its policy to either raise the threshold of approving credit and explain how it works.