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customer service online, fix my address?


customer service online, fix my address?

been hrs now messin with my PP, more like it meesin with me. All I wanted to do is get my address as primary so I can make faster purchases, it's the one on my only card connected to the acct. When it finally appeared to have worked,it took out the apt #, and ofcourse, won't let me change.. as I write this I'm missing out for the 2nd today to make a like $20 purchase where the product could be worth hundreds or thousands in months time, and now I can't even use my account now because the address is wrong. 

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Re: customer service online, fix my address?

Unfortunately your issue cannot be fixed through this public community forum - you have to go through customer service as they have the ability to assist.  No one here can view or access user accounts.

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