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Unlisted transactions

New Community Member

Unlisted transactions

I've been having a strange time with PapPal and the USPS.


First, I made a mistake. I printed out a two shipping labels for $10.85, one for an ebay transaction and one for a non-ebay transaction. The second label I bought by mistake. I canceled the label. USPS paid me back and the money has been deposited back in my bank account.


I'm not sure if this part is related, but the amounts make it seem so. Today, Paypal withdrew two amounts of $10.85. But I haven't purchased any shipping labels. The amounts for the previous two shipping labels have already processed, so this isn't them. These transactions aren't showing on my Paypal account, only on my bank account.


The really odd part is that after Paypal's charge for the two shipping labels reached my bank, I recieved a payment of $21.70 ($10.85 + $10.85) from Paypal, but that transaction isn't listed on my Paypal account either! I can't even check if I'm the one who sent the amount to my bank or not!


What's with this phantom amount of $21.70 and if I somehow "borrowed" it from Paypal, why would they take it back in two amounts? Can someone help me out?