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Paypal not using my balance

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Paypal not using my balance


I was wondering if I can have a question answered, as this has happened a couple of times in the past.

When I purchase an item of eBay I pay the usual way through paypal most times paypal will use my balance and if necessary take the balance of the purchase out of my nominated account. On a few different occasions my balance has not been used when there has either been enough to pay for the amount or just a little top up from my nominated bank account. I am not paying by echeck.
Is this just a glitch in the system or something else.  




Re: Paypal not using my balance

Hi mad222,


Welcome! 🙂


I'm glad you indicated that the payment is not being sent by an eCheck because that would have been my first guess.  As you know the balance should be used first so if we're going to a 3rd party credit card or bank for the full amount, I would expect the available balance for the currency of the payment to be zero.  Perhaps this is a currency issue? Some types of PayPal checkouts would not automatically convert currency from one balance to another to cover a payment.  In those situations, the currency would need to be converted in the PayPal account ahead of time.


During checkout, the website will always show how much money is going to be debited from a funding source on your PayPal account.


I hope this helps to troubleshoot the issue. 🙂





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